Herbals are not just about green smoke
colour me green campaign

Colour me green campaign! – vaporizers for a cleaner, greener world!

volcano vaporizers
volcano vaporizers

Burning anything can produce dangerous gases – that   includes everything from power stations to bongs – so we’re campaigning to make sure that vaporizers get a fair look-in when it comes to people releasing the herb. They are modern and perhaps it is only technology that can save us from ourselves? The old ways were what got us into the troubles – perhaps only advanced technology an help to get us out of it? Or then again, perhaps a back to the stone-age, back to the land approach s the only way forwards? Maybe we need to go backwards in order to march forwards?

weed vaporizers
weed vaporizers

We are not the only ones that beleive this and there is a whole ground-swell in favour of the idea that smoking is not only bad for yourself but also for the environment. The weed vaporizers are doing their bit to help out. For every one item that is burned there will be a rise in sea-level and the colour me green campaign is totally opposed to that. There is also a stream of philosophical thinking that goes with it.

If you are prepared to commit violence against yourself then you’re more likely to be violent towards others.

This takes into account the fact that choosing to smoke, rather than use a vaporizer is not good for your health – the lack of respect that you cause to your body is indicative of the respect that you are not likely to show to the environment.

Colour me green portable vaporizers

You don’t need o get hold of a lot of fancy kit in order to join the campaign and get out there with the vaporizer-gang. he simpest portables are really not that expensive, think of something like a vapor genie – they are the bottom of the price range – but still look kind of cool, and then right up at the top you’ll find things like the  magic flight can really help to set the world alight.

So, how does this all work then? Well, that is a very good question – to begin what is burning, what is fire? Those are two good starter questions. Fire is heat produced form a chemical reaction – so when you burn a plant material such as in a forest fire – or rolled up in paper in a cigarette then the flames, or glow are the physical manifestation of the energy released in the chemical reaction. We can’t see energy but we can see light, which is a form of energy. So, where does that energy come from? Well that is the burning – or to be more specific when smoking herbs it will be the oxidation of the organic materials – the plan matter. Plants are largely made of carbon so the oxidation reaction that takes place will of course produce the oxide of carbon – or as it is normally known “carbon dioxide” this, as you well know is a greenhouse gas. The use of vaporizers is something completely different.

Vaporizers for a greener future

By controlling the temperature carefully then no chemical reaction will take place – so what you get as you vaporize herbs is in fact an endothermic reaction – it takes energy in when something vaporizes – so rather than producing heat AND the carbon dioxide that heats up the whole world, you are in fact using up heat within the vaporizer!

Your health, the planet’s health

What is good for you is good for the planet. Not only is the carbon oxidised when you smoke weeds but so are many other chemicals. Most (if not all of these) are in fact very bad for you. They are also bad for the world. The controlled vaporization process on the other hand only releases the volatile chemicals that were already present – no chemical reactions take place and no harmful substances are formed.

windmillAnd just like wind generation beating the burning of coal and oil, the use of vaporizers will always be better then burning of weed. Just like the lack of visible smoke and pollution is a beneficial side-effect of windmills, the lack of smoke is a positive side effect from the choice of vaporizers over smoking. Better on the inside, better on the outside. A cleaners, greener campaign the colour the world a better shade of green.

Home Vaporizers

When you are at home then you can really push out the boat with some very technical vaporizers of an extremely high standard and quality of build. The obvious top of the pile is the volcano vaporizer but some are not so keen on te industrial look of this model, so might well opt for something a touch more stylish – such as the silver surfer vaporizer – but the choice really is entirely up to you…